How to jump-start your Cloud Career in 2021?

Cloud is a buzzword for quite a while and if you are a fresher or an IT professional with no prior experience in the cloud, you must be wondering - how to get into a cloud career? I keep on getting questions like - How do I start learning cloud? Where do I start from? And many more through a various platforms. How are you going to put your foot into the cloud without cloud experience? Is it possible to get into a cloud career with the help of certifications and no experience? Short answer - Yes, if you do it right! How? - Read long…


AWS Honeycode – Build Web & Mobile Apps Without Writing Code

Honeycode has a spreadsheet-like interface with the data management capability of a database. Users can use their visual application builder to create interactive web and mobile applications. It is backed by an AWS-built database to perform tasks including tracking data over time, notifying users of changes, routing approvals, and facilitating interactive business processes, according to AWS. Don't forget to watch the youtube video where I have given a demonstration to the Honeycode portal and its feature.


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